A Digital Company

We research and study your business and the industry you’re in as a whole, so that we can create a website that will get your business noticed.

Forward Thinking

The internet is an ever evolving eco-system. Search engines change algorithms, browsers change plugin support, we help you stay ahead of the changes.

Problem Solvers

We’re dedicated to making sure your website is fully optimized, and suffers very little, if any, downtime.

Customer Support

We’ve always believed that support of a product or service is where a company can really shine. We offer multiple support options for your convenience.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

After many years of dealing with PCs, VRam Computers is finally a company that I will return to. Using their vast knowledge and years of experience they helped me pick out the parts and build my first real gaming computer, not only that, but they have been very attentive afterwards with any random question or PC related oddity that has come up. Unlike other small business and especially unlike the big box stores VRam Computers delivers a level of quality and personal care that really sets them apart. While we were in the consultation stage of building my computer they were very eager to understand my wants and needs for it to help me make sure the computer ended how I wanted it and to make sure I was happy with the final product. They were eager to help me with the build, you could really tell that they genuinely loved building computers and that confidence made me feel a lot better during the build process and nixed what few remaining worries that I had. I will definitely be using VRam Computers again in the future.

Fletcher H.

VRam Computers built my website, set up my facebook and google+ pages, and they maintain my search engine rankings with great results.

Hoke's Lockshop

VRam Computers built all of the computers in our store, none of which have failed in over 15 years. Of course we’ve updated them every so often, but the old ones still work as well. They also built and maintain our entire networking infrastructure, zero problems in that area as well!

Guy's Family Pharmacy