Keeping Your Data Safe

When information is lost, either to a system crash or to hackers, it can feel like we are losing a piece of our lives. That’s why keeping our data secure and safe is of the up-most priority. Tips to keep in mind that will help keep your data safe from both an internal malfunction or an external invasion.

  • Be proactive with your protection software. Anti-virus software is a basic requirement and can be obtained either on a subscription based model and/or a free model. Anti-malware often comes bundled with anti-virus, but if not, can also a good tool to have in your arsenal.
  • Viruses and spyware can creep into your computer and easily degrade performance and corrupt and/or destroy data.
  • Use a firewall. Firewalls assist in blocking dangerous programs, viruses or spyware before they infiltrate your system. Various software companies offer firewall protection, but hardware-based firewalls, like those frequently built into network routers, provide a better level of security.
  • Be cautious of suspicious emails from unknown sources. Don’t open emails with attachments if you don’t know the sender.
  • Steer clear of websites of ill repute. These are havens for malicious and annoying intruders like spyware.
  • Keep your operating system updated. Repair the security holes that hackers love to exploit with the newest critical updates from Microsoft or Apple.

Consistent data backup is also a crucial component. Backing up to a separate media device or an online backup solution on a regular basis ensures that your important files are secure. Take a look at our backup your data post for tips and recommendations for data backup.